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We offer a variety of products; Portable fire extinguishers, hoses, lights, alarms, cabinets, fire suppression systems and parts.  Our salesmen are very professional and knowledgeable to help determine the best way to take care of your needs and protect your interests.


Kitchen Systems

Trained and certified to install, maintain and inspect all types of fire suppression systems; commercial and residential.  We will work around your schedule to provide the best most convenient service possible.kitchen


Emergency Lights

Trained and certified in the annual testing, maintenance, repair and inspection of any emergency and exit light to ensure all batteries, bulbs and fixtures are working properly in the event of an emergency.



We offer state-of-the-art training classes to ensure that you and your staff know the proper steps to take in the event of a fire or other emergency.  We also bring a hands-on demonstration that teaches the proper and most effective ways to handle a fire extinguisher.



Specializing in maintenance and recharging of all types of fire extinguishers.  Trained and certified for all six and twelve year hydro testing on low and high pressure cylinders.  For any MSDS sheets on chemical, please contact Martin Mack.


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